How to Change Websites to Show Whatever You Want.

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Oh the fun you can have... This is a crazy easy and simple way to change websites in you browser to display any thing you want.

Note. this does not change the website anywhere other than your browser, and if you reload the webpage then it goes back to normal.

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Step 1: A Video for Those Who Prefer It.

Step 2: Open Inspect Element.

First go to the webpage you are going to change, right click on the text or image you want to change and click inspect or inspect element.

Opera & Chrome

Now find the title you want to change double click it and type the new title, then close the side bar.


Now find the title you want to change double click it and type the new title, then close the pop-up.

Microsoft Edge

For edge it is a little tricky, turn on developer mode f12 or go to the right hand side drop down menu then click F12 developer tools, then go to the page you want to edit right click on the text or image select inspect element, find the text double click it and change the text then close the pop-up.

Step 3: In Closing.

It is a lot of fun seeing peoples reactions to the fake news and you can have a lot of fun posting it on social media.

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It would be cool to see your website edits if they clean (no foul words or dirty jokes) I would like to see them in the comments.

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2 years ago

You see in the news someone hacked a website. Is there a way to project this to anyone viewing the site?

1 reply

Um. No not really to have that happen you would have to hack the site and edit the source code. you could take a screen shot and send it to them other than that I don't know of a way to project the modification to them.

Best of Luck