How to Change a Baby's Diaper




Introduction: How to Change a Baby's Diaper

Below, I will provide the necessary steps of safely changing your baby's diaper. Granted all babies come in different sizes and have different personalities, but luckily when it comes to changing a diaper it’s pretty much all the same.

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Step 1: Gather All Your Supplies and Find a Safe Place to Change Your Baby

At minimum, you will need a diaper, wipes, and ointment (if needed). You may also find that having a toy and diaper mat available, may be handy. While a changing table can be used, a flat surface will do and the floor, believe it or not, provides a perfect space that a baby cannot fall off of. If you decide to change the baby on a surface off of the ground, it is important that once the baby is positioned, you keep at least one hand on the baby at all times for safety precautions.

Step 2: Open All Your Materials

Open everything that will be used such as the diaper, wipes and ointment.

Step 3: Position and Entertain Baby

Lay your baby down (on the mat if applicable) on his or her back with his or her feet facing you. If you have a toy, now is a good time to give it to your baby to keep him or her occupied.

Step 4: Open Soiled Diaper

On the front of the diaper, locate the tabs and pull away from diaper to open. Do not pull the front of the diaper down yet as the cold air often causes babies to pee (especially boys).

Step 5: Clean Baby’s Diaper Area

Using one hand, hold the baby secure (especially if changing the baby on a surface off the ground) and use the other hand to get a wipe. Pull the front of the baby's diaper down and using the wipe, clean the baby's diaper area making sure to clean front to back. You may have to use more than one wipes.

Step 6: Replace Dirty Diaper With Clean One

Use one hand to gently grab both of the baby's ankles and lift your baby's bottom up to free the soiled diaper. With your free hand, pull the dirty diaper from underneath the baby and then slide the clean, opened diaper underneath baby making sure the back of the diaper** is underneath the baby's bottom. About half of the diaper should be under the baby's bottom.

**Some diapers have the word "back" on the diaper. If not, place the side with the tabs underneath the baby's bottom.

Step 7: Use Any Ointments or Creams

If you are using an ointment or diaper cream, apply to diaper area.

Step 8: Secure Clean Diaper

Pull the front half of the diaper above and between the baby's legs. It should reach just over the baby's belly button. On the right side of the diaper, find the tab and pull it from beneath the baby and across the front of the diaper to secure the diaper. Repeat on the left side making sure the diaper is tight enough not to fall off, but not too tight to cause discomfort.

Step 9: Secure Baby

Pick up baby and place in another secure area.

Step 10: Clean Up Mess

Dispose of the soiled diaper and dirty wipes. Put all other materials away for next time.

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