How to Charge 12v Battery With a Lady Shaver Adapter

Introduction: How to Charge 12v Battery With a Lady Shaver Adapter

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How to charge (charging) 12v SLA battery with lady shaver adaptor
charging a 12v seal lead battery at home very easy to make Charging 12v battery easy Last chance before the bin friends i will start a series of video when i am gonna pick various item electronics and more and give them the last chance before we will trash them so stay tuned lots of episodes will follow.

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Step 1: Find the Polarity

Today we will use a lady shaver and i will make a 12v battery charger normally for a small battery 12v we will need a 14-15v adapter and the power not to exceed 1.2A so we find that this old Philips lady shaver has a perfect adapter 12v 400mA so one more reason not to throw this away just yet,We just need a multimeter to check the continuity normally the outside of the jack is minus and the inner plug is the plus just identify the polarity and connect to the battery.You might need a bridge rectifier and you can charge your 12v battery

Step 2: Super Easy

In case that you don't have a lady shaver, you can buy
this charger is just best for small SLA 12v battery. If you find this video useful like share and subscribe Thanks for watching and see you next time all the best!

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