How to Charge Your Phone From a Battery Bank

Ever wondered how to charge your phone with a battery bank? well this is how

Step 1: First Thing You Check If Your Vattery Bank Has Power

you push the butotn on your battery or find the charge indicator and see if it has charge

Step 2: Plugging in Usb Into Power Bank

you take the big end of your power cord then you plug it into the power bank

Step 3: Plug the Cord Into Your Phone Charge Port

while the big end of the usb is in the charged power bank you then plug the small end of the cord into your phone.

Step 4: Check If Your Phone Is Charging

if your phobe is charging your done if not make sure you did all of the steps correctly and it should work after that



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    2 years ago

    Uhm... this is not an proper instructable. Is like a manual or also