How to Cheat on an Exam

Introduction: How to Cheat on an Exam

My first DIY by the way

Step 1: The Eraser Trick

1. First, you get yourself a good eraser.

(Preferably the big ones as more information would fit on the surface)

2. You write whatever you need on the surface of the eraser.

(Try to limit yourself to one side as it would be easier to erase the evidence)

3. Once in the exam, try to write it in pencil if possible.

4. Don't glance at your eraser too often and always remember to place it on the opposite side of the covered in notes surface.

5. Towards the end just keep calm and erase the notes with your thumb or apply the surface with information on it, on a paper.

Step 2: Shave Yourself

1. You are going to need a duck tape

(Cheaper duck tape would result in no pain and would be easy to come off, the reliable duck tapes will bring you the suffering of your life if you rip them off)

2. Write the notes onto the duck tape

3. Stick the duck tape onto your arm.

(Don't do it too low or it would be easily seen or too high it would be too hard to copy)

4. You are ready to go, but you need to learn independently on how to sneak and peek on your duck tape arm

5. Either rip the duck tape slowly and quietly in the class or after exam in the bathroom.

Step 3: Don´t Snitch

1.You are going to find a reliable partner

(Preferably who is of average intelligence, would not snitch and is a good friend)

2. Then you are going to find a sign for each number

(This works only for math, best for multiple question answers. However if you know how to use this trick on English exam, you are a genius.)

3. Make sure your partner enters first or last

(So that there would be space between you, make sure its not too far or neither too close, (3-5m) )

4. Proceed to perform this trick

(The signs should represent normal actions and not some weird out of place movement.)

Step 4: Free Space

1. Get yourself a pen

(Not a pencil)

2. Unscrew the two parts, so that the extra ink cape storage space would be revealed

3. Stick your notes inside it

(These notes might unroll inside the space, which would be impossible to take out during the test so you better put some time of a rubber band around them)

4. Finally, if you know a safe way how to take them out just use them

5. Again use the fist method in order to use them and not get caught

( I teach you the primary methods of what to do, the small parts you need to learn yourself)


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    Lol, but I'd rather do it legitimately.