How to Check Polarity of Powerfull LEDs

Introduction: How to Check Polarity of Powerfull LEDs

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In this instructable i will tell (show) you how to find out the polarity of a powerful LEDs.

Step 1: If You Are to Lazy to Read Then Watch the Video (everything Is Written in Step 2)

Step 2: Process

On powerful LEDs you can see polarity markings printed in corners of LED. But that marking is confusing. To check the polarity of LED you will need multimeter with diode checking mode because it's easier and faster to work when you hear beep and you don't need to look at multimeter. Near polarity markings you can see metal ,,plates'' that looks like they are going to same side so it's really confusing. To check polarity put one probe of multimeter to one plate which is near polarity marking, and other probe to LED contacts (which are sticking out on the sides). Example: if you put one probe to +plate and other to contact in the right of LED, and it beeps then you know that this contact is positive, and if you put second probe to left contact you must hear nothing. If it has resistance to both contacts from one plate than your LED is bad or something is shorting plate to negative contact. I hope i help to somebody by writing this instructable. Thanks for reading or watching the video. Please become my supporter in the link below

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