How to Chill Any Drink in Only 1 Minute !




Here is an easy tutorial that will teach you how to superchill any drink in just 1 minute. I provided a video tutorial and in step 2, you can see what ingredients you will need! Have FUN!

Step 1: Watch the Video

How to Cool a Drink in 1 Minute Here is the link to the video that will teach you how to cool any drink in just 1 minute by using a secret technique called super chilling!

Step 2: Get the Ingredients

All you will need is some water, your desired drink that you would like to cool, and some salt.

Watch the video for a full tutorial - How to Superchill Any Drink in 1 Minute

Step 3: Fill the Mixing Bowl With Water

Now take your mixing bowl and fill it with water. It really does not matter what temp the water is, but if you want your drink chilled faster, make the water colder.Also add some ice!

Step 4: Put the Drinks Into the Water

Throw those drinks in the water!

Step 5: Put Some Salt Into the Water

Take your salt and pour about a handful into the water.

Step 6: Stir for About a Minute

Stir the drinks around with your hand for about a minute. You can add more salt as you stir.

Step 7: Your Drink Should Be Ice Cold!

Thanks For Taking a look at this instructable, be sure to watch the video tutorial here - How to Cool a Drink in 1 Minute .

Step 8: Superchill Your Drink!

Get what you need and watch this simple video tutorial that will teach you how to superchill any drink in just one minute! EASY TUTORIAL on How to Superchill any Drink in Just one Minute!



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    Wow what a clever process, I bet it makes the drink super tasty! Have you thought about posting full step by steps for each process? It would probably get you a lot more views on this site!

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