How to Clean and Maintain Your Desktop PC. (Plus How to Windows XP OS Setup)




Introduction: How to Clean and Maintain Your Desktop PC. (Plus How to Windows XP OS Setup)

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How to clean and maintain your PC,and how to instal an xp operating system on an hard drive,needed for backups,saving extra data or swaping out failing hard drives with bad clusters and sectors,and or corrupted,or one of the many hard drive problems out there.

Cleaning your Desktop PC case every few months or more frequently will improve cooling of the whole system in question,not to mention dust particles can andwill arc across poorly protected motherboards or systems that lack the large fans required to keep dust out and suck it into the dust filters in the bezles of the from case,which can crash or even kill your PC and certainly damage it if not cleaned from time to time.

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Step 1: Disassembly of the Case and Dust Filters

First grab your required screwdrivers andor undo thumb screws if yiour case has them and take off the sides of the case,check picture 2 to see the rear bezles are saturated with dust to a massive level and need cleaning badly remove,check all fans these wil be covered in a somewhat sticky dust reason being any moisture in the air will be cooled on the fan blades anbd condense leading to a dust that sticks to the houseing and blades and will need extra cleaning,lastly remove the dust bezles on the front case dust filters see end pictures,just snap off the front case from the break/snap lock usually on the bottom front,and remove all dust filter parts.

Step 2: Cleaning the Insides

Remove all dust bezles and dust filters see picture,shown against a typical roof light,you can see the impressive amount of dust these things,carefully,remove the plastic housings of the dust filters and remove the dust containing sponge stuff,and take to the bathroom and use soapy water to wash and squezze the dust out of sponge parts and dry on the radiator or other warm/hot drying device hairdryer etc.

Clean the fans carefully inside the PC with a very slighty damp cloth and some elbow grese,will take some scrubing to remove the stuck on dust,take your time and clean each blade of each fan 1 at a time,and then use a dry cloth to make sure the fans are bone desert dry before you turn it back on,as a single particle or drop of water spits off the spinning blade right onto some high voltage part,is not what you want to make sure everythings dry and recheck a few times to make sure.

Step 3: Put It All Back Inside the Case and Run Your Desired Scans.

Now put all the bezles anbd dust filters back where they came from,this is slow and boring with lots of screwdrivering use a small lower power screwdriver in order to help make this poart less repeatitive helps.

Hard drives are needed for the next and extra step installing windows XP Pro. (Optional)
Run your desired security scans and software cleaners perform updates and defragment as needed by right clicking you hard drive on computer from the start bar bottom left.

Step 4: Extra! (XP OS Install Set-up)

(Optional extra)
I needed an extra hard drive due to a old and fast high performance hard drive that had been slowing dying and aquiring bad and damaged sectors and clusters causing unexpected constant crashes as a result.

Firstly insert your windows XP Disk and boot up your pc with hard drive,follow on screen prompt and format or quick format your hard drive,partition it if desired,now let it run the disk will instal and unpack basic windows OS and user enviroment settings,screen settings will need editing nearly instantly upon completion,set it to its lowest setting or whatever resoution you desire and the screen will set itself aftera second or two so the text etc is the size you are more used too seeing and or dealing with,next instal any extra driver disks needed for PCI cards starting with graphics then sound,then wi fi (if present) and any others camera drivers office writers etc,hook it up to the internet and instal your usual security first before anything else,now your long and time consuming windows updates check fir the updates and instal this will take up around 2 to 6 Gigabytes sometimes,and can install up to 100+ updates taking better part of a day around 4/7hours to install and complete the pc will restart multiple times until you are done installing the Operating system,and your set,now have a working hard drive from which to migrate to once your dying and or damaged hard drive is gone,so you can just pop in another hard drive and off you go no need to be offline.

And your done with installing windows XP OS.

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