How to Clean High Ledges




Introduction: How to Clean High Ledges

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Having high windows I needed to clean them somehow so I designed a part that can screw onto a paint-roller stick so I could clean them.

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Step 1: Download STL or Edit on Thingiverse

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the design is simple the long cylinder is where the rag/micro-fiber cloth can go just screw it on the the paint stick and your ready!

Step 2: Prep Talk

Use Velcro or something similar to hold the cleaner on, if you want to step it up a notch zip tie a live streaming camera on so you can see what your doing.

Step 3: Clean, Clean, Clean

It worked incredibly well, and it was much safer, YAY!

Step 4: PROOF

Ewwww! it worked great, I hope it will help you out!

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    3 years ago

    If you dont have a a 3d printer visit my hub :) - forgot to put that in the instructable

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    This is a great idea. I have a lot of high places that collect dust that I could use this for