How to Clean Keurig MINI

Watch this video as I use the Keurig manual instructions to clean my Keurig MINI Brewer.

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Step 1: Unplug

Step 2: Remove Drip Tray

Step 3: Clean With Damp Cloth

Step 4: Remove Cup Holder

Step 5: Separate Funnel From Holder

Step 6: Clean Needle With Paper Clip

Step 7: Replace Holder- Arrow Up

Step 8: Descaling Steps

Step 9: 10oz White Vinegar

Step 10: Plug and Pour

Step 11: Turn on and Lift Handle

Step 12: Place Mug and Brew

Step 13: Discard Contents

Step 14: Pour 10oz Vinegar

Step 15: Lift Handle and Brew

Step 16: Turn Off As Starts Dispensing

Step 17: Allow Brewer to Sit 30 Minutes

Step 18: Turn On, Lift Handle, Brew

Step 19: Pour 10oz Water

Step 20: Brew and Discard

Step 21: Clean Up With Damp Cloth

Step 22: Done!

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