How to Clean Out Your Pumpkin With a Drill




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You all know how when your trying to carve your pumpkin and you have to clean out all the insides first? And sometimes there is that stuff that won’t come out? Well now you don’t have to worry for this DIY will solve that problem

Step 1: Materials and Getting Started

You will need a drill a beater and an extension cord if needed. Then you need to make sure that the bulk of the insides are out or you can leave it but I’m it sure if it will work well, I just took out the big blob of stuff first

Step 2: Taking Out the “guts”

Now you can plug in the cord and the drill and then when your getting the insides out you rub it against the insides walls of the pumpkin but not to hard or else you will go right through the pumpkin. You can do this until you see a pile of shredded pumpkin on the bottom of the pumpkin.

Step 3: Empty the Pumpkin

Now you can just tilt the pumpkin upside down and all the insides should come out the a big shredded pile. There might be some strings so you can just scrape it out. Now you are ready to start carving!



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    1 year ago

    Nice job, but where were you yesterday when I needed this?

    I'd like to add on the suggestions of using ground cinnamon sprinkled inside when you're done is a natural desicant and does a great job keeping the inside dry.

    Also, if your outdoor pumpkin gets mauled be the local vermin, a coating of menthol rub on the outside makes it nice and shiny, and keeps the critters at Bay.

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