How to Clean Up Metal Shavings


Introduction: How to Clean Up Metal Shavings

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This tip cant get much more simple guys.

I have a video demonstrating the tip if you would like to watch it:

I've been cutting a lot of metal recently and the shavings and fragments get everywhere. I cut the metal outside and it gets in between the slabs and cracks. I dont really want to use my shop vac outside and a sweeping brush always misses the finer particles. I have a boxer dog so I need to make sure I get every piece of metal up.

The obvious choice is to use magnets but then you have to clean all the shavings off the magnets, well not if you put the magnets inside a simple plastic bag first. You can then use them to collect up all the shavings and fragments.

When you are ready to dispose of the shavings just turn the bag inside out and remove the clean magnets. Its that simple.

I know a lot of you will already know and do this already but for those of you who haven't thought of this, I hope it helps.



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    Awesome. Was wondering why I was watching, I knew about magnet and metal shaving/dust right? well duh, hadn't thought about the plastic bag trick. Great, thank you for putting this up

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    A good idea. One can also use an electromagnet . Switch on .... collect .... switch off ... dropped off. .. BTW well done!

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    Thats a great tip! Thanks :) Electo magnet would work great for this and they are a lot stronger too :)

    Keep some magnets in a bag near where you are cutting. They cuttings will be attracted to the bag. Less to pick up later.

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    Great tip! The bag could be kept behind the saw where most of the cuttings are thrown. Out of the way of the blade of course lol