How to Clean Your Work Space Efficiently

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you’ve made your masterpiece!!! But have also made a Master-Mess!!! And Clean-Up time has arrived. So how do you turn THAT into what it was before you started?

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Step 1: Unplug EVERYTHING

First unplug all the cables you currently have plugged in.

Friendly Note - you don’t need to unplug your phone charger!

Unplugging now will save a lot of trips to the extension cable you might need later.

Step 2: Plug in Your Chargers

Every power

tool you have with a battery, charge it. You don’t want to be running low on battery on your next project.

Friendly Note – yes you should charge your phone too!

Step 3: Pack Your Power Tools

One by one,

pack up all your power tools and put them back into storage. Make sure you have not missed any parts of the power tools (Drill bits, Glue sticks, Knifes, Blades etc.).

Step 4: Take Away Your Tools

Your file, hammer, pencil, tape, measuring tape, brushes, paint and so on. All this has to go back to where it belongs. Whether that’s in a box, on a shelf, or under your bed. Put it back so you don’t lose it.

Step 5: Scraps

Pick up all

your scraps and put them into a box, bag or just in a pile. These scraps aren’t for throwing away. If you don’t have a scraps box yet then take a walk to the recycling and find a decent sized cardboard box to place your scraps in.

Step 6: Sweeping/Vacuuming

Now that you’ve moved all your tools and scraps you can vacuum or sweep up the rest of your workspace. Throw away all the trash you just swept up and take on more good look at your workspace. Pick up any trash you see left.

Step 7: Finally!!! You’re Done!

It’s been a good 15 minutes and look at what you accomplished! Your workspace has returned to its former glory. Now you are free to take a good long rest, you deserved it!

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