How to Clean a 3D Printer Build Plate



Introduction: How to Clean a 3D Printer Build Plate

I was told when I got my 3D printer all I need to start printing was a glass plate and a heated bed. That was so blatantly false. At first I put glue on my 3D printer build plate to help prints adhere to it. Not only was that horribly ineffective I had to constantly clean my build plate. Then what ended up happening was I began using painters tape. Not only did that not work as good as glue at least it saved me some windex and acetone. Then I learned about buildtak and naturally had to get some. It was the most reliable and best solution out there. Until after a month of using it the buildtak stopped working. I was told by my friends I need to sand it. That only worked once and never again. I then tried putting isopropyl and that didn't work period. I then picked up from a forum on Thingiverse that toothpaste is the best solution to get buildtak to adhere and I have to use it to clean my build plate once a month.

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Step 1: Toothpaste Over the Buildtak

First you are going to need to get your 3D printer buildplate and put it into a sink with a running facet. You will need it later. Then smear some toothpaste on your build plate on the side with the PEI sheet.

Step 2: Smear It Evenly

Smear the toothpaste evenly to prevent too much roughness of your buildplate. Don't skip to the next step as much as you may think it is a good idea.

Step 3: Wash and Dry Your Build Plate.

Now wait a few seconds before washing it to let the toothpaste do it's thing and then you may wash your buildplate with water. After that dry it until it is bone dry. DO NOT PUT IT ON THE PRINTER WHILE IT IS ANY BIT WET AT ALL.

Step 4: Conclusion!

Toothpaste works by eroding the Buildtak on your printer also known as the PEI sheet for toothpaste is an acid. What that does to keep prints sticking to your bed completely beats me but I have been doing it for months whenever my prints come off a lot and it works great. Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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