How to Clean a Car Seat



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Oh the joy the kids bring! They are full of energy and happiness but they also have the ability to make things.. dirty. With a newborn at home I had been procrastinating to clean my big son's car seat and well.. it was SO needed! It just changed completely, looks amazing and it wasn't a big deal.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Desinfecting wipes

Cleaning brush

Clothes detergent

Washing machine

Step 2: Take the Fabric Off

You first need to take all the fabric off. Use the little hooks to take away the fabric from the car seat. There are some pieces that can be separated with velcro.

Step 3: Put the Fabric to Wash

Place all the pieces that are made of fabric in the washing machine. You'll need to put it in a regular cycle with the clothes detergent as if you were washing clothes. Make sure the water covers all of the fabric.

Once the cycle is over you can put it to dry in a room with ventilation and leave it hung through the night.

Step 4: Brush Cleaning

While the fabric is washing you can clean the car seat. Use a cleaning brush to reach the areas that are hard to cover. You can also turn it around to make some garbage come out. You'll be surprised at what you can find: food, candy and little toys.

Step 5: Desinfecting Wipes

Use some disinfecting wipes to clean all the plastic parts. You can also use them to wash the seat belt.

Step 6: Put It Together

When the fabric parts are dry you can put them in the car seat. Remember to use the hooks to secure it to the plastic part.

Step 7: Neat and Tidy!

Now that is clean and ready you can put it back in your car. If you have a sharp eye you may have noticed I also fixed the broken cup holder, you can see that instuctable here.

Drive safe!



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