How to Clean a Hot Cast Iron Skillet




Introduction: How to Clean a Hot Cast Iron Skillet

It's a fast process that I use to keep the skilled in great shape. Cleaning it hot will save you time but you must observe caution.

Keep the sink itself clear of any dirty dishes or piles of dishes before you do this.

Keep one or two hot pads because that skillet can be heavy for you and you may want to hold it with both hands protected.

Keep your kids out of this one, this is for mature teens and grownups.

I've burned myself and my hot pads by placing a just too hot skilled on the hot pad or forgetting to have a second set of hot pads and having to grab the other side of the heavy skillet.

No matter how dirty or what was in it, no soap ever!

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Step 1: Take Hot Skillet Off the Stove

Use a hot pad or oven mitt, keep several on hand

Remove pan and tip out the debris in the sink. Use running water and it will steam up if it's too cold to clean the pan.

Wipe off with a scrubber, pot scraper, or wash cloth all debris.

NO SOAP!!! If you use any kind of soap even natural will rub off oil from the seasoned pan.

This was a pre-seasoned pan. So as instructed by the manufacturer, you never ever use soap on it. Water only..

No dishwasher, no residue must form on the oiled pan or you must rinse it and scrub it all off and season again.

Step 2: Replace the Clean Wet Skillet on the Stove

Be sure the bottom of the skillet is dried off completely and the sides.

Skillet is hot, please keep using the hot pad all the way through the process

Do not turn on the burner, you risk heat damage to it and the pan if you forget

Step 3: Dry the Water Out of the Skillet

Clean paper towel,wipe off all water completely

Step 4: Oil the Inside or It Rusts

Use cooking spray or creamed shortening or cooking oil of your choice.

Apply oil to the tip of the paper towel by placing it in the solid shorting and wiping a bit, or placing it on the mouth of the bottle of oil and tipping until the paper towel is touched with oil; spraying with a can on dash is enough

Rub around the INSIDE only!

Rub inside bottom and sides.

Step 5: Remove Excess Oil Residue

Another clean paper towel

Wipe off all excess oil until no beading or surface is clean as the last photo

Remember to not flood it with oil in the first place.

Step 6: Bottom and Sides NO Oil You Must Keep It Dry

DO NOT OIL the bottom or outsides or the handle

It does not need it.

Hot pads all the way through this process. Safety first.

Any questions or other cleaning skillet hints welcome please comment.

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this. It's always interesting to me to see how people care for their cast iron. I've been using it for years and I've found that a few things really work well but there is some disagreement in the cast-iron world wether or not to use soap. I am a soap user on my cast iron. I don't always use soap but periodically a light wipe down with a very mild soap on a rag is a good idea. I've also found that scrubbers are more damaging to the surface than a little bit of soap now and then. If I do have to scrub the pan I always use fine table salt. To wipe out my pan I generally use a sheet of newspaper. It leaves just enough oil on the pan vs a paper towel. The cast iron pan debate will rage on for the end of eternity but I love that people are starting to appreciate it again!


    Reply 3 years ago

    You are welcome. I too on occasion use soap but it takes the oil off that you use to season the pan, then you have to take the time to season it if you leave in in the soap too long. Also my green scrubbie is not used with a lot of force so it doesn't go deep into the seasoned film but it can if I use too much effort. I never thought of newspapers, but wonder about the ink used... since it's a great recycle idea I'm all for it as well. I love my cast iron pan. I made this instructable after giving my small cast iron pan to a lady who put hers in the dishwasher, and it came out all rusty. She never owned one but loved that pan. So after texting her the instructions I decided it would be good to post here too.


    3 years ago

    Your "cleaning hot" method works well. I recommend it!