How to Clean a Window




Introduction: How to Clean a Window

In this Instructable, I will guide you on how to properly and efficiently clean the inside and outside of a window!

Step 1: Gather Needed Materials

You will need to gather of all the materials you will need to clean your windows. Recommended materials:

- Glass Cleaner

- Paper Towels or Newspaper

- Lime, Calcium, Rust Remover

- A soft but heavy duty sponge or washcloth

- Bowl of water

- A stepping stool

- Rubber gloves

This is not a full, complete list. There may be other items you may find you need. For example, a ladder for higher to reach windows.

Step 2: Cleaning the Inside of the Window

To begin, put on your rubber gloves. Next, spray window cleaner onto the dirty window.

IMPORTANT: If you are inside, ensure the room you and the window are in is well ventilated. You do not want to inhale or breathe in any of the chemicals contained in the glass cleaner.

Step 3: Start Wiping From the Top of the Window

Get some paper towel or newspaper to clean with. A sheet or two of paper towels or one sheet of newspaper should be sufficient. Starting at the top of the window, begin by placing your paper towel on the window and wiping the window downwards - cleaning from top to bottom.

Chances are, the window cleaner will start to drip down the window. If we start wiping at the top, it will ensure there are no streaks left from the cleaner. You may hear squeaking during wiping of the window. This is always a good sign; but don't worry if you don't hear squeaking.

Step 4: Don't Touch

Allow the window to completely air dry. Refrain from touching the window as it dries and shortly after you have finished wiping it as this may re-soil the window.

Step 5: Cleaning the Outside of the Window

To clean the outside of the window:

Using your Calcium-Lime-Rust remover, spray the remover onto the dirty window. As per the bottle instructions, it may be necessary to allow the remover to 'work' for a few minutes before wiping it off.

IMPORTANT: Because you are outside, ensure you are not downwind or standing in any way of the spray. You do NOT want to inhale or breathe in any of the chemicals contained in the remover.

Step 6: Use Your Elbow Grease!

Depending on how dirty your window is, you may need to scrub, scrub, scrub! So get out your elbow grease! The calcium-lime-rust remover should do most of the work for you; however, it may be possible that you encounter stubborn window grime that just needs some good old fashioned elbow grease.

Step 7: Rinse - Do NOT Skip This Step!

ATTENTION: Do NOT skip this step! You do not want to mix cleaners! Whether you are inside or outside, the mixture of chemicals can be toxic, especially if inhaled.

As a result of the previous step, your window may appear to be even more soiled than before - It may look streaky or have a white film on it especially if it has dried. Do not worry at this point.

Get your bowl of water. Grab some more paper towels or a washcloth and saturate it in your bowl of water. Rinse the window by wiping it down with your saturated paper towel or washcloth. Alternatively, you could spray it off with a hose, water gun, or by pouring a glass of water on it. Whichever way you choose, please just rinse it off good!

Step 8: Follow Steps 2 - 4

Proceed to clean the outside of your window by following steps 2 - 4. The window will come clean using the same technique. To summarize steps 2 - 4:

2 - Spray glass cleaner onto window

3 - Wipe the window, from the top of window down

4 - Don't Touch!

Step 9: Outside of Window Still Dirty?

Sometimes windows can be even dirtier than you thought. So, even after completing all steps, you may still find your window to be streaky and dirty. If this is the case, repeat steps 5-8 for outside windows and steps 1-4 for inside windows until your window comes clean.

Step 10: Admire Your Clean Windows

Take a step back, a big breath, and admire your work and shiny, sparkly windows.

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    1 year ago

    love it. streak free cleaning. just the way it should be


    Reply 2 years ago

    Also, use a razor scraper for stuck material.