How to Clean the Water Jet Abrasive Tube

Introduction: How to Clean the Water Jet Abrasive Tube

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How to Clean out the water jet abrasive tube. 

From time to time when using the water jet at Pier 9, the clear tube that feeds abrasive to the head clogs up and stops the water jet from cutting your material.

This is usually due to water leaking into the tube which must remain dry for Garnet to flow correctly. 

Users are allowed to clean the tube themselves to keep their project flowing. Follow the steps below to clean the abrasive tube and please remember to wear the appropriate safety gear (goggles, gloves).  Never put yourself in an unsafe position to perform this fix. 

Noticing a clog.

It is very important to always be at the machine, be attentive to the cut, and keep your hand close to the stop/pause button when using the water jet. When a clog appears in the Abrasive tube, Garnet will stop flowing into the head and only water will shoot out. Traditionally this will stop cutting your material and spray water 360 degrees around the head. When this happens Stop the cut immediately. 

Step 1: Inspect the Line and Disconnect the Abrasive Hoses.

Step 1: Inspect the line and disconnect the Abrasive hoses.

The Abrasive tube is the clear tube that connects to the side of the water jet nozzle head. There is also a smaller 2-3 inch clear tube that connects the big tube to the print head. Pull those free carefully so you do not loose the small tube into the water jet pool. If any of the tubes are damaged please stop and let Shop Staff know.

Next, inspect the Hopper attached to the Waterjet head. On the bottom of the hopper, there is a small Garnet feeder that is connected to the other end of the Abrasive tube. Disconnect the Abrasive tube by pulling free the clear tube from the bottom of the Garnet feeder. 

Step 2: Cleaning the Tube

Step 2: Cleaning the Tube.

Now that you have the Abrasive tubes disconnected, you can clean out any water or abrasive stuck in the tube. Take the Compressed air gun and plug it into the end of the abrasive tube on the hopper end. Lightly pull down on the Compressed gas trigger to send air through the tube. It helps if you have a second person hold the other end of the abrasive tube and aim it towards the back of the water jet, well away from any people. 

This will help make sure the abrasive tube doesn't dip back down into the water, that it stays dry and you don't blast anyone in the face with air and dirty water jet water.  Yuck!

Finally, blast the small clear tube that connects the abrasive tube to the head. Make sure not to blast it into the tank, and that all abrasive and water is removed externally and internally. 

Step 3: Reconnecting the Clean Abrasive Tubes

Step 3: Reconnecting the clean abrasive tube. 

First, push the small 2 inch tube into the hole you removed it from, located on the side of the water jet head. Next slide the long abrasive tube over the smaller tube covering as much of the smaller tube as possible. 

Return to the abrasive hopper and reattach the hopper feader by pushing it into the hole at the bottom of the hopper. Make sure this stands vertical at the base of the hopper. Then return the other end of the abrasive tube to it's rightful place at the bottom of the hopper feeder. 

Step 4: Resuming Your Cut

Step 4: Resuming your cut. 

To finish your cut you will most likely have to back track the position of the head by pressing the backwards button next to print. The head will follow the cut path backwards. Once you reach a spot over an already cut section you can restart the cut. 

As long as the tube is properly cleaned your job should continue on correctly. 

Please remember to contact Shop Staff if you run into any parts that appear damaged.  Always wear the correct safety equipment. 

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