How to Clean Your Room

Introduction: How to Clean Your Room

How to make your floor look like that in an hour or less.

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Step 1: Turn on the Lights.

This is kinda obvious but just turn on all the lights in your room and open all the curtians if you have a window in yoir room. This will help you stay focused and actually see what your doing.

Step 2: Make Your Bed.

Make your bed first because a made bed actually make a messy room look better. This will also keep you motivated to keep cleaning. Also do you like my furry dog blanket?!

Step 3: Clean Your Floor

Remove everything that is on the floor and put it in its location. This is probably the longest part but you can do it!

Step 4: Do Tasks

Do tasks like putting away stuff on your dressor or putting away stuff on your desk. Just find an area and start cleaning it. This makes it to where it isn't so hard to clean your room.

Step 5: Finished!!!

You are finished! Your room is clean your in a better mood than before and you don't have obstacles in your room that you trip on. That is my hamster. It doesn't have a name so please put some name suggestions in the comments.

Step 6:

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago

    my hamsters called gizmo and my brothers is nibbler you may like them names


    Reply 5 years ago

    Those are some good names!! My hamster eats really fast and is chubby if you haven't noticed. At first its name was Fudge than Hershey but than I just decided i didn't like those names and now my hamster has no name.