How to Collect Cream From Milk and Make Frosting at Home




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Cream is a dairy product used in ice creams, frosting for cake decoration, in sauces & soups and also as garnish in desserts. You can buy cream from shops or you can make your own cream from milk at home.

In the first part of this instructable, I have explained how you can collect cream from milk at home easily which can be used as an ingredient where required. Please see the first photograph above which shows the cream collected from milk.

The second part describes how you can make frosting / Icing for cake decoration using the cream and home-made icing sugar. In the second picture above you can see a small amount of cream is mixed by spoon with orange red colored icing sugar for frosting.

The last picture shows frosting / icing made with an electric beater with home-made cream and chocolate brown icing sugar.

Please see my other instructable on how to make Icing Sugar at home in the following link

Step 1: Boil Milk and Skim Top Layer

  • When boiling milk at home, wait for the milk to foam and froth
  • Then using a clean ladle, skim the top layer and collect in another container

Step 2: Collect Cream

  • When the collected top layer cools down keep it in the fridge for further cooling
  • Remove from the fridge and you will find the cream collected at top
  • Skim the cream using a spoon and transfer to another container and keep it in the fridge
  • Here I have collected about 300 grams of cream in about a week from milk

Step 3: How to Make Frosting / Icing at Home for Cake Decoration

  • Take about 100 grams of home-made cream and transfer to a deep vessel
  • Using an electric hand mixer, beat the cream till it is fluffy

Step 4: Add Icing Sugar and Make Frosting / Icing

  • Measure about 150 grams of Icing Sugar and shift it through a very fine mesh. Here I have used chocolate brown colored icing sugar
  • Add the shifted icing sugar to the cream and beat again with the electric hand mixer.
  • If the mix is thin add more icing sugar and if it is very thick, add little bit of cream
  • If you are not using the frosting / icing immediately, transfer it to another container and keep in the fridge.

Step 5: Conclusion

In this instructable I have explained how to collect cream from milk at home and also how you can make frosting / icing using the collected cream and home-made icing sugar.

Hope this instructable will be helpful to all of you interested in collecting cream and making their own frosting / icing at home.



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    1 year ago

    Are you using pasteurized or homogenized milk for this project?

    4 replies

    Reply 1 year ago

    We use cow's milk purchased directly from the owner who keeps few cows and supply milk to us