How to Configure Submersible Pump Starter With Auto Cut-off Function.

Need Timer for this projects.

The video shows how to configure your Submersible pump motor with auto cut-off function.(Semi automatic function). Normally in all single phase submersible pump we have to press start switch for two second to switch on the pump. and wait till the tank is filled and then we have to press stop button to stop the pump this is so problematic, every time switch off pump the solution i just made with timer circuit which is only on for two second when you switch on then automatically it will switch off, so now i don't have to press this switch every time, circuit will take care about this.. For more Visit:-

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Step 1: Micro Switch Setting in Timer.

Step 2: Start and Stop Push Button View Inside the Submersible Pump Starter Panel.

Step 3: Remove Loop Wire.

Step 4: Wiring Diagram

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