How to Connect FlySky Transmitter to Any PC Simulator (ClearView RC Simulator) || Without a Cable

Guide to connect FlySky I6 with a computer to simulate flight for beginners of wing aircraft.

Flight simulation connection using Flysky I6 and Arduino does not require the use of simulation cables.

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Step 1: Materials

Components used:

- FlySky I6 TX


- Arduino Nano

Step 2: Wire Connection

Proceed with wiring between FS IA6 and Arduino Nano:

FSIA6B | Arduino

- VCC -> VIN

- GND -> GND

- Signal -> TX

Step 3: Load Firmware to Arduino

- Open Arduino Compiler

- Load to: File -> Examples -> EEPROM -> eeprom_clear

- Download Firmware to Arduino

Step 4: Download and Setup Software

Download and setup some Software

Software link:
- vJoySerialFeeder V1.1:

- vJoy software:

- ClearView RC Flight Simulator (simulation software):

Step 5: Connect Arduino to VJoy and Setup Channels

- Open vJoySerialFeeder V1.1 and connect to Arduino through COM Port

- Adding 4 channels in vJoySerialFeeder is equivalent to 4 channels of transmitter(FSI6)

- Open ClearView RC Flight Simulator and setup vJoy

Step 6: Let Flight!!!

Choose plane and fly!!!

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