How to Connect PS3(Anyother AV Output) to PC Non HDCP Monitor Only WINDOWS NEED

First of all i didnt tested im sure about

IT does need HDCP compliant ,HDMI cable DVI other things


  1. CD software wont work with windows 7 need to Update the software (Google it for Win7 Software)Or use Windows 8+ its because they were stop updating
  2. Its doesnt give full HD but it gives up 720p but good

ALL You Need

  1. Aliexpress -Easycap / Easiercap USB 2.0 Video & Audio Capture Card AdapterITS Cheap and You can get this from Local Store or other online shopping
  2. PS3 Composite Cable

Sorry for the images i will soon upload real images as soon as possible

Step 1: STEP 1 : Connection and Installation


  • Connect the Easycap into USB Port
  • Connect PS3 Composite Cable Video (yello) to Composite Cable of Easycap USB
  • For Audio You can connect to the RCA cable of Easycap OR Anyother AUX Amplifier


  • Install the Driver and software from CD Successfully

Step 2: STEP:2 RUN UP

  • Run the Software on PC
  • Turn ON PS3 by Hold the power button until hear a Second Beep Sound

Now The PS3 screen on you Monitor :D

Sorry for the Images ,i Will Upload it as soon as Possible

Thank You



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