How to Connect Raspberry Pi3 Headless

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This tutorial help you to connect RaspberryPi Headless

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Step 1: Requirements

1. Raspberry Pi3 any model, if you want to use Raspberry pi Headless in Lower model of pi like Pi1 and Pi2 then You need a Wi-Fi dongle.

2. Charger (5V- 2Amp) /Power bank with data cable

3. Laptop/Desktop with internet Connectivity

4. SD (min 8GB Class 10)card and SD Card Reader

5. Raspian with Desktop OS, Download Link --

Note: Don't Download Lite edition if you want to Run in Desktop Mode

6. PutTy Software ( Serial Terminal), Download Link is --

7. VNC Software, Download Link is --

8. SD card Formatter, Download Link is --

9. Etcher Software, Download Link is --

Step 2: Setup

1. Install the all Required Software's.

2. Format the SD card using SD card Formatter.

3. Burn the Raspbian Stretch with Desktop using Etcher software on SD card.

4. Create the ssh blank file without any extention to boot drive, Now download & copy wpa_supplicant.conf to the boot drive/ SD card (boot named drive).

5. Now edit the wpa_supplicant.conf in notepad and give the ssdi (your wifi name) and ssid key (wifi Password) and save it.

6. Plug the SD card to Raspberry-Pi and boot it.

7. Now open PutTy and give the ip address of you Pi, if you are connected your pi with Router the Open Browser and type for your router access and check the ip address, if you using Andriod phone then you can use any IP scanner App for checking the connected device ip.

8. if you given right IP then it will ask, Login as: , Place the login name pi and password is raspberry.

9. if all right then it will show like as pi@raspberrypi-

10. Type sudo raspi-config

11. Goto Interfacing and turn on the VNC.

12. Open VNC app and give the ip, username, password of your pi and connect it.

Note: This will work on pi zero too. if Any query Please ask......



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