How to Connect a PS4 Controller on a Windows Computer Via Bluetooth or Cable

Introduction: How to Connect a PS4 Controller on a Windows Computer Via Bluetooth or Cable

In this tutorial, I teach how to connect a PlayStation 4 controller on your computer; with video explanation.

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Step 1: Download Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

Go to this website:

Select your Windows version. If you have Windows 8 or 8.1, select Windows 7 32bits or 64bits depending on your computer specification.

Install it.

Step 2: Download the Software

Click on this link:

Download latest version. (If you have problems try an older version).

Install it.

Step 3: Opening the Program

Open the program that you have installed called DS4 Tool or also called ImputMapper.

Step 4: Cable Connection

Connect the controller to the computer using the same cable you use to connect to your PS4.

Step 5: Bluetooth Connection

If you want to play without any cable, you will need a bluetooth connection.

To do that make sure your bluetooth is active on your PC and go to it´s settings.

Hold both ´´Share`` and ´´PS`` buttons on your DualShock 4 until the bar starts blinking.

After that, click to add a new device on your bluetooth settings.

You should find an available wireless controller, click on it and wait to connect.

Now you can already enter any supported game. You always need to let DS4 Tool open to keep the controller connected.

Step 6: Video Explanation

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    5 Discussions


    Tip 2 years ago

    It would be much easier to use dualshock 4 windows. It features better control and also allows macros. I have a instructable on it if you wanna check it out.


    4 years ago

    When get a new PS4 Controller, you need to activate it before use.
    There have a small hole on the back of the controller, prepare a fine needle. click the hole for a while, don't loose until until the LED light flash ( If there have no response, just try more times)
    Connect it to PS4 console with USB cable. Press ps button, the LED light will flash white at first then turn to blue and always stay blue. Now you can remove the USB cable, it can be controlled via Bluetooth function, enjoy your game!

    For more details, please view this short video, there will show you how to operate.


    4 years ago

    Thank You!!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I never knew that this was possible! Sounds great for some emulators that I like to play on my computer.