How to Connect an Amplifier to a Home Stereo

Intro: How to Connect an Amplifier to a Home Stereo

As we all know, a home stereo has built-in amplifier that boost system's capacity and enhance the quality of sound coming out from the speaker. Amplifier has two types: Tube or Vacuum Amp and Solid-State or Regular Amp. Check this site for more details. (

Connecting or using an amplifier could give more power for maximizing single, pair or multiple speakers to achieve a strong sound. So be sure to have these: a home stereo that has jacks for audio output and standard stereo audio cables. Wires or cables are very important to complete the process.

Step 1:

Be sure the to unplug the home stereo and amplifier from the main source of electricity which is the electric outlet.

Step 2:

Labeling the cord by the use of masking tape is helpful in organizing things for easy access. Now, the two plugs must be connected to one end of the audio cable to both sides of output jacks. Red plug for the right jack and the white plug for the left jack.

Step 3:

The remaining plug must be inserted on the other end, matching both sides of the amplifier's audio inputs. If there's anything left not inserted or used, just label them for safety purposes and for future connection like CD, iPods, and component.

Step 4:

Power on the home stereo system and dial in the component selector to Tape 2and set the component selector of the amplifier to the set of jacks that connects to home stereo.

Step 5: Note:

Adding multiple speakers could be quite challenging. Make sure it won't cause any damage. You have to read manufacturer's information such as user's manual about the product as compliance for safety and best result.

And that's it! Obviously, music makes us happy. Playing your favorite songs at home or even if you are doing something physical like following a dance instruction videos as an exercise.



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