How to Connecting PS4 on CRT TV


Introduction: How to Connecting PS4 on CRT TV

Sony PlayStation's has eliminated a analog RCA input, CRT TV owners cannot plug in the PS4 to tube-television because PS4 only one video outputs, HDMI. Keep in mind CRT TV is cheapest price on this television, but this television type do not support High Definition.

Step 1: Prepare Equipment for This Task


- PlayStation 4

- HDMI cable

- AV cable

- HDMI-to-AV converter

- RF modulator (for TV doesn't have AV inputs)

Step 2: Connect PS4 to CRT TV

1. Unpack the HDMI-to-AV converter.

2. Connect the PS4 to HDMI-to-AV converter using a HDMI cable.

3. Connect the CRT TV to HDMI-to-AV converter using a AV cable.

4. Now, connect adapter to HDMI-to-AV converter to electrical plug.

5. Turn on the PS4, converter, and CRT TV.

6. Set input to AV1/VIDEO.

Have a nice play...



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    3 Discussions

    Unfortunately this isn't working for me. I get no signal from the convertor

    Welcome to Instructables. Thanks for sharing the great project. I hope you will post more in the future.

    We're realize to CRT TV cheapest price on the televisions. But PS4 owners, you can read section described above.