Simple Electric Motor Masco Group 31

Introduction: Simple Electric Motor Masco Group 31

Energy is produced in multiple forms. The type of energy that this electric motor creates is called mechanical energy. Mechanical energy is energy associated with the motion and position of an object. The placement of the wire coil in relation to the battery creates mechanical energy. Also,electric motors work due to electromagnetic interactions, or the interaction of current and a magnetic field(the battery).

Step 1: Materials

The materials needed for this motor are:

2 rubber bands

arm’s length of 26 gauge magnet wire

D Battery

paper clips



sand paper

Step 2: Instructions- Step 1

1) Take the paper clips from the material list and bend the paper clips.

Step 3: Instructions-Step 2

1)Then,take the wire from the material list and using pliers, cut the wire(arms length). After the wire has been cut, find the center of the wire and use the D battery to wrap the wire around the battery to create a coil.

2) Remove the wire from around the battery. Be sure that the wire coil remains in the shape and size of the battery.

Step 4: Instructions-Step 3

1) Next, wrap each loose end of the wire around the coil a few times to hold it together, then point the wires away from the loop.

Step 5: Instructions-Step 4

Copper wires are usually covered with enamel that functions as an insulation.

1) Remove the insulation completely from one side of the wire. To remove insulation from the segment of the wire, use sandpaper to scratch off the insulation.

Step 6: Instructions-Step 5

1) Next, remove the insulation from the wire on the other side, but only the part where the coil and end meets.

Step 7: Instructions-Step 6

1) Next, take the 2 rubber bands and wrap around the D battery twice. Place the paper clips on the ends of the battery inside the rubber bands. (Make sure the paper clips touch the charged ends of the battery).

Step 8: Instructions-Step 7

1) Place the magnet directly on the battery.

Step 9: Instructions-Step 8

1) Place the coiled wire in between the grooves of the two paper clips. The ends of the wire should rest through the groove. Next,watch the wire coil spin.

Step 10: Troubleshooting


If the wire does not spin, check to make sure the insulation on the wire is completely scratched off in the directed areas. Also,make the sure wire coil circle is evenly balanced on either side of the wire ends. Unevenness of the wire coil can cause difficulty in this project.

Step 11: How to Improve Upon the Basic Design

How to Improve upon the Basic Design

To improve the design, check to make sure the paper clips and the ends of the battery have a good connection and placement. Readjusting the top of the paper clips can provide a steadier balance between the wire and paper clips can help too. Also, you can position the elastics so that two of them face the bottom of the battery to preventing it from moving.

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