How to Construct a Proper Pokemon Deck

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Are you tired of getting pawned by other people in the Pokemon TCG? Well this Instructable will instruct you in the ways of building at the least a decent Deck. Things you will need, -Pokemon Cards (20)- (Duh) -Energy Pokemon Cards (15-25)- and -Trainer/Supporter Cards (15-25)- Okay, once you have at the least 20 of each kind of card, you will be ready to construct your deck.

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Step 1: Theme of Your New Deck and Pokemon

Every Deck SHOULD be centered around your main powerhouse card. However, in a situation where your best card has gotten prized, you need something to fall back on. For example, the Deck I am making will be centered around my Keldeo EX Promo Card. Thus the deck would be dubbed my "Keldeo Deck." Make sense? Okay, next you need to pick about twenty good, strong, and powerful cards. However, if you want to spice it up add a weak Pokemon with, for example, the move, "Call For Family" just so you can easily fill up your bench. (For those of you who don't know, Call For Family lets you pick two BASIC Pokemon cards from your Deck and put them on your bench.) Use my Reverse Holo Miltank for Example. Its top move, 'Powerful friends", does a whopping 70 damage PLUS 10 more for each Stage Two or above Pokemon on your bench. This is a very good move seeing as it only takes 1 colorless energy to use it! (I'll get to energy later) And its bottom move does 60 damage, however it takes 3 colorless energy to use. I actually keep moving this exact Miltank over to my other Decks because it is such a great asset to my team. Another type of Pokemon to consider is Status Pokemon as I like to call them, meaning they have no attacks, simply Status moves to make the defending Pokemon asleep, poisoned, or confused. So like I said in the beginning try and get a good number of these type of cards to pound out maximum damage.

Step 2: Energy Types and What You Need to Win

As I said before I would get to energy and so here I am. Energy, as it suggests, powers all your Pokemon's moves. Say I want my Yveltal to use Oblivion Wing, then I need to put one Dark Type energy on my Yveltal. To be noted, you can only put ONE energy card on a Pokemon per turn so choose wisely. Now while I'm off yacking about energy cards, your'e probably wondering, "What kind do I need for my deck?" Well it all depends on the Pokemon of that deck, suppose you have mostly Water type Pokemon, that require a LOT of Water Energy. Since there is no good reason to have a Strong Pokemon card, that can't attack. I would weed out all my non-water types and then put in a lot of water cards. You could also put in a deck 10 of Fighting, and 10 of Dark (To cover weaknesses) and mix the Pokemon types. Honestly, Energy is by far the easiest subject on this matter so I don't think you need a long explanation.

Step 3: Supporter Cards - a Pillar of Hope

Okay, imagine you're at school, the best Pokemon Dueler is a move away from being knocked down by, well, you! But to beat him you need a Water Energy to knock out his Charizard, and all you have in your hand is a random card with a computer on it. Well, that card is better known as Computer search, which allows you to search your deck for any card and place it in your hands. This card is probably one of the best supporter cards out there, and I suggest getting a card with the same ability for your deck. As you have already seen, Supporter cards are life-savers, and they can quickly change the look of the battle. I suggest having good, quality Supporter cards to pull you out of sticky situations.

That's all the advice I can give on this subject, please comment your questions, favorite this and check out my other Instructables.

Thanks for reading!

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    Tip 1 year ago

    The "Supporters" that you spoke of are actually called "Trainers", and you usually need about 20-40.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Usually, you want types that complement each other's weaknesses. Fighting-type Pokémon usually have a weakness of psychic, and psychic usually has a weakness of psychic and darkness, so your deck could be possible - it just would have a HUGE psychic weakness.


    3 years ago

    do you have these cards I real life if you do then will you give the to me for fre

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    Actually, the Miltank from Flashfire that you referenced does 10 damage, but 70 more if there is a Stage 2 on your bench. The max damage this attack does is 80.

    1 reply

    2 years ago

    i have too many to count


    4 years ago on Introduction

    this was an awesome instructable thanks!!!!

    do some more!