How to Control GizDuino Using Processing*

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A few weeks ago, I have published an Instructable about "How to control GizDuino using Visual Basic" -

I will now document another way of controlling GizDuino using the open-source Processing application which can be downloaded from this link:

Step 1: Processing Sketch

Basically the sketch created four squares and texts.

Each boxes wait for mouseClicked() being issued against the specific boxes and would send data serially base on the existing GizDuino sketch:

1 = LED1 ON, 5 = LED1 OFF
2 = LED2 ON, 6 = LED2 OFF 3 = LED3 ON, 7 = LED3 OFF 4 = LED4 ON, 8 = LED4 OFF

The working application was attached. Source code may be requested through


Step 2: GizDuino Sketch

The same sketch will be used for our GizDuino sketch as attached.

Step 3: External Circuit

We will also have the same series array of LEDs and resistors.



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