How to Control GizDuino Using Visual Basic

Introduction: How to Control GizDuino Using Visual Basic

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This will guide you through the set up, wiring the external circuit and coding GizDuino and the VBA in controlling 4 LEDs.

The Instructables is divided into 3:

1. Sketch for GizDuino

2. VBA code and design

3. Wiring of the external circuit.

*GizDuino is an Arduino clone distributed by e-Gizmo Philippines.

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Step 1: GizDuino Sketch

This basically read serial port for incoming data transmission. Whenever data is present, it will be decoded as follows:

1 = LED1 ON, 5 = LED1 OFF

2 = LED2 ON, 6 = LED2 OFF

3 = LED3 ON, 7 = LED3 OFF
4 = LED4 ON, 8 = LED4 OFF

And anything other than what are listed above will turn all the LEDs OFF.

See attached sketch for details.

Step 2: Visual Basic Application

This step assumes prior knowledge in basic VB to proceed with the steps.

The application uses the following:

1 ComboBox to specify the PORT to used for serial communication,

2. CheckBox to turn the LEDs ON and OFF

3. CommandButton to reset the CheckBox.

4. Labels for the texts.

Refer to the attached application.

Note: When writing to serial port, I had to iterate on the write command so that GizDuino will be able to read it.

Step 3: Wiring of the External Circuit

The circuit is composed of 4 LEDs and resistors, and connecting wires.

Port 3, 5, 7 and 9 have been used as output ports in GizDuino and each forms a series array.

Step 4: Thank You!

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Should you need more details, send me message :)

Thank you.

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