How to Control Motor With the Tactigon - Part II

About: Open board for 3D gesture control, motion capture, tracking and vibration measurement. The Tactigon is the perfect link between a HUMAN or an OBJECT and the DIGITAL WORLD.

Intro: How to Control Motor With the Tactigon - Part II

As we saw in the previous article (Tutorial – How to control motor with The Tactigon – Part I – Hardware), The Tactigon can be connected to a serial motor control board. In this article we’ll look at how to handle it via software. The Tactigon will receive commands sent by the controller connected in BLE, and will communicate to the motor control board motor speeds.

Step 1: Sketch

Step 2: Serial Transmission

The Tactigon UART library exposes a function to send chars. We use this library to communicate with the motor control board.

We prepare a callback to be triggered when the BLE Characteristic receives something:

In the setup() we initialize LEDs and turn them off, initialize the BLE Peripheral Mode, create the BLE Characteristic and its UUID, and assign the callbacks created.

Since callbacks handle serial communication, loop() will only cycle LEDs.

Step 3: Conclusion

The Tactigon UART library gave us the ability to control a tracked rover, but everything with an UART interface can be connected to The Tactigon. Remember to download the source code!



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