How to Control Revolutions of a Drill Used As a Lathe

Introduction: How to Control Revolutions of a Drill Used As a Lathe

Those who use an electric drill as a lathe might be interested to look at these pictures. You'll see a device that allows you to control the drill's revolution and have both your hands free. The point is that you fix the controlling knob of the drill in a position that gives the number of revolutions you need.

Step 1: A View of the Device

This is another view of the device. I give you a general idea, you are free to improvise as to shape, dimensions, etc.

Step 2: The Set-up Screw

You establish the required number of revolutions by turning this screw.

Step 3: The Nut Is Fixed This Way

The nut of the set-up screw is fixed with 6 small pieces of wood that form a kind of a star. You can choose another arrangement. You can also install a kind of knob on the screw's head, to turn it with your bare hand and not with a screwdriver

Step 4:



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    Surely I made the controlling device! You'll see on the pics below how I fixed the drill to the base of my 'lathe'. Wooden pins are from IKEA furniture, their diameter is 10 mm, thus, the drill has three points of support.


    That's really impressive! I used to love doing small projects years ago when I had access to tools and a place to work. The only power tools I own now are a drill and reciprocating saw. Did you build the vice/device to hold and control the drill?