How to Control Tracked Robot Via 3-Channel RC Transmitter + Arduino





Introduction: How to Control Tracked Robot Via 3-Channel RC Transmitter + Arduino

This instruction introduces how to control Tracked robot via 3-Channel 2.4G Transmitter-Flysky's protocol by using arduino controller to read receiving code to transform command to control L298N dual motors driver module.

Step 1: Materials & Tools


1. 1 - Arduino controller - Nano

2. 1 - 3-Channel 2.4G Receiver Flysky FS-GR3B or HK-GT2R

3. 1 - 3-Channel 2.4G Transmitter Flysky FS-GT3C or other 3-CH Flysky Transmitter

4. L298N dual motor drive module

5. Tamiya track and wheel set

6. Tamiya dual geared box

7. Tamiya plastic perforated plate

8. Dupont wires

9. Female pin header

10. Dupont Jumper Cable Housing Male Pin Connector

11. Dupont Jumper Cable Housing Female Pin Connector

12. Male JST Battery Pigtail

13. Heat shrink tube 1.5 - 10 mm.

14. PCB - DIY circuit board

15. Velcro tape

16. Battery Lipo 7.4 V. 1000 mAh


1. Soldering gun.

2. Soldering wire.

3. Soldering paste.

4. Screw driver.

5. Plier.

6. Hot glue gun.

7. Epoxy glue.

Step 2: Parts & DIY PCB Installation

DIY PCB Building

Connecting and soldering electronic parts on DIY. PCB according to circuit diagram.

Arduino Nano pin to L298N Pin No :

D3 - ENA

D4 - IN1

D5 - IN2

D6 - IN3

D7 - IN4

D8 - ENB

Arduino Nano pin to Flysky receiver Pin No :

A0 - CH1

A1 - CH2

A2 - CH3

Step 3: Software Installation

Arduino sketch and Library :

1.Down load sketch from GitHub.

2.Upload sketch to Ardunio Nano.

3.Test the Tracked robot.If the wiring connection was well done.It should work fine.



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    9 Discussions

    Would this work with Hobbyking HR-TR6? Is there any decoding to do on Rx side or since it comes from the same manufacturer it uses the same protocol. Great project, thank you for sharing

    2 replies

    You can download 8 channels receiver decoding sketch here

    Hey Nippon 4666 iam would like too do the same projekt like you.

    but useing the mega moto shield( VNH2SP30) by keyes. no good for codes.

    iam more in too building

    can you hint me what pins too use

    kind regards Tom Jensen

    1 reply

    Great project.. But it says compilation error return value is not zero. How can i fix it?

    2 replies

    I think you use latest software version.Let's try 1.0.6 ver.


    1 year ago

    Nice build and thanks for sharing :)