How to Control a Servo With a Single Pushbutton

hi, this is my first instructable it is on how to control a single servo with a single pushbutton. I am using this circuit to animate a spiderman mask so it has moving lens. Please comment if you have any advice or uses for this circuit.



Jumper Wires

Arduino Uno

Arduino IDE

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Step 1: Wiring the Servo

Brown wire from servo to ground

Red to 5v

orange/yellow to digital 2

one wire from the button should go to ground and the other to digital 3

Step 2: Arduino Code


const int buttonPin = 3;

int servoPin=2; Servo Servo1; i

nt buttonState = 0; int flag=0;

void setup(){

pinMode(buttonPin, INPUT_PULLUP);

Servo1.attach(servoPin); }

void loop(){

buttonState = digitalRead(buttonPin);

if (buttonState == LOW) {

if ( flag == 0)

{ Servo1.write(0);

delay(500); flag=1; //change flag variable }

else if ( flag == 1){



flag=0; //change flag variable again } } }

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    14 days ago

    Very nicely done! A short video clip of the servo being deminstrated might be an enhancement to consider on future Instructables.


    17 days ago

    A good start You got there. Go.. Go.. for the future. You'r on the right track.