How to Controll Servo Motor With Joystick Module

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Intro: How to Controll Servo Motor With Joystick Module

Hello dear friends,

In this project i have tried to explain how to controll servo with joystick module.This article and video will teach you how ROBOTIC ARMS basically works.In my opinion , you will be able to make robotic arm after read and understand this article.

Required materials:
x1 Arduino UNO

x1 Servo

x1 Breadboard

x1 Jostick module

x1 10k Ohm resistor (pull-up for button)


All the codes(arduino) and circuit diagram (fritzing) has been uploaded here and on github(some kind of Turkish letters if you use github link):

If any question or suggestion, here or on YouTube channel please...

Good Luck,Have Fun!
Sorry for my English if i made mistakes :/



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    1 year ago

    OK a short one, but thanks for sharing :)

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