How to Convert a T-shirt in a Sexy Dress





Introduction: How to Convert a T-shirt in a Sexy Dress

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easy way to convert a T-shirt in a sexy Dress!



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    I couldn't get the cups right so I just did without them! It just made the dress shorter, but I attached the halter part to what was supposed to be under the cups and added a cute belt! It looks great! Thanks so much!

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    CUTE IDEA!!! I had to laugh when you did the cups from the sleeve! now i can turn my old t's into sleepers! very clever!

    Very easy to follow directions, cute dress. Now tell me how to get back that trim little body that I had at your age and I 'll WEAR the t-shirt dress! Oh, well, there are always the hats.

    <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a><br/>check out this site, good ideas <br/>

    wow, you're beautiful and the dress came out looking great! nice work on using pretty much all of the t-shirt.