How to Convert Brainsight Custom Skull Surface (.stl) File to Autodesk Inventor (.ipt) File




Follow those steps to convert Brainsight custom skull surface (.stl) file to Autodesk Inventor (.ipt) file

Step 1: Load STL Into MeshLab

Drag the stl file into the screen

Step 2: Delete Unwanted Faces

1. Click "Select Face in a rectangular region" icon

2. Use control, alt and mouse to select all unwanted faces*

*You may need to un-click "Select Face in a rectangular region" icon to move to different viewing angle and click icon again to select remaining unwanted faces

3. Click "Delete the current set of selected faces" icon

Step 3: Inverting Faces

We need to Invert remaining faces

1. Go -> Filters -> Normals, Curvatures and Orientation -> Invert Face Orientation

2. Click Apply and Close

Step 4: Surface Reconstruction

1. Go -> Filters -> Remeshing, Simplification and Reconstruction -> Surface Reconstruction: Poisson

2. Set Octree Depth to 7 or 8 and Solver Divide to 8

3. Click Apply and Close

Step 5: Surface Simplification

1. Go -> View -> Show Layer Dialog

2. Un-click "Eye" icon

3. Click to select "Poisson mesh" (it should highlight this one only!!!!)

Surface Simplification

1. Go -> Filters -> Remeshing, Simplification and Reconstruction -> Quadric Edge Collapse Decimation

2. Set Target number of faces to 1000*

3. Click Apply and Close

*You can set this number higher if your computer has dedicated GPU, otherwise your computer performance will suffer.

Step 6: Export, Save As...

1. Go -> File -> Export Mesh As...

2. Set file type as .DXF format

3. Click Save and OK

Step 7: Import to Autodesk Inventor

On Autodesk Inventor:

1. Click "Open"

2. Choose file type: DXF Files(*.dxf)

3. Click "Open"

1. Click Next -> Next ->

2. Make sure you choose all the options as same as the red box I have

3. Click "Finish"

Step 8: Stitch

1. Click "Stitch" icon

2. Select part

3. Click Apply and Done

Step 9: Save As...

Click Control+S (Save as)

Choose file type: Autodesk Inventor Parts (*.ipt)

Click "Save"



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    2 years ago

    Thanks for providing steps on how to do this!