How to Convert PDF to PPT on IOS?

As a teacher, there may be a times that you really need to convert PDF files to PPT to present it on your classroom. However, you are using your iOS device and wondering if there are some way on how to convert PDF to PPT without using your computer for free? Good thing, we have an online tool which can help you with your problem named LightPDF.


LightPDF is an online tool which can be used in all platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows and Mac PC. This program offers different kinds of PDF functions such as converting PDF files, editing, extracting text from the image, adding watermark, merging, splitting, signing and so on. In addition to that, users can utilize the program even without installing any software on their device. They just need to make sure that their device have their favorite browser and it is connected to the internet. Aside from that, the uploaded files are secured since they will be deleted once you have finished using the tools. To have more understanding on the program, see the detailed steps provided below.

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Step 1: Go to Its Official Site

On your iOS, go to your favorite browser and visit the main site of the program.

Step 2: Hit PDF to PPT

After that, tap the “PDF to PPT” on your device.

Step 3: Upload File

Then, tap the “Choose File” button. Select the PDF file that you wish to convert.

Step 4: Convert and Download

Once uploaded, the PDF file will automatically start converting. When the process is done, simply hit the “Download” icon to save the converted file on your device.


With the help of this tool, users will be able to convert their PDF files to PPT instantly. Apart from that, you’ll not be able to spend any amount since the program is absolutely free. Also, you are not required to register or log in an account to the program before utilizing it.

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