How to Convert Videos to Mp3 for Free on a Mac Using Garageband


Introduction: How to Convert Videos to Mp3 for Free on a Mac Using Garageband

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This is a video tutorial on how to strip audio from video and convert video into an mp3 using imovie and garage band. You can extract audio from say something like a music video or movie and save it as an mp3 in itunes. Hope your enjoyed this how to tutorial!

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    5 Discussions

    Cool, I never thought that Garageband could have such useful function. I always use Acethinker Video Converter to convert video to mp3 song for my iPod touch, free and works pretty well. Share it here as an alternative to Garageband.

    Total Video Converter Lite is an excellent and wonderful FREE Video Converter for Mac, which supports to convert many video formats to lossless MP3. It is really so powerful and helpful.

    This one is nice, It'll be soon released for Mac!

    Think I followed your instructions for converting videos to mp3 but I ended up with the file being a Mpeg-4 in iTunes. Suggestions as to what I may have done wrong?