How to Convert a 200W Halogenrod Lamp With a R7S Socket Into a Energysaving 25W Led Version



Introduction: How to Convert a 200W Halogenrod Lamp With a R7S Socket Into a Energysaving 25W Led Version

We had a Ceiling Light in the kitchen with a power hungry 200W R7S bulb in it. As i wanted to have less energy costs, i started to search for a new Led bulb. I found many R7S led rods in different versions. So i orderd a 10W and a 30W R7S bulb on Ebay and tried them in our Ceiling Light. The result was sobering ... The 10W bulb was way to dark for the kitchen as it has only 1200 Lumen. The 200W halogen bulb has circa 4000Lumen. Then i tried the 30W Led with circa 3200Lumen. The result was a very bright and nice warmwhite light with a extreme disturbing noise from the intergrated Fan. So in this Instructable i will show you how to replace the original R7S 200W halogen bulb with 5 energysaving 5W G9 LEDs.

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Step 1: Tools and Parts

Tool you need:

  • sanding paper
  • a Dremel to cut the reflector
  • 3 or 4mm drill bit
  • Multi-purpose plier
  • Caliper gauge
  • A heavy Side cutter
  • Stripping plier
  • Crimping plier
  • Srewdriver
  • Cordless drill with the right bit for your srews

Parts you need:

Step 2: Working With 230V / 110V AC

Plese pay attention when working with 230 or 110V as shown in this project. Always follow the 5 security rules

Safety Regulations

  • Disconnect mains!
  • Prevent reconnection!
  • Test for absence of harmful voltages!
  • Ground and short circuits !
  • Cover or close nearby live parts

I am not responsible for any kind of damage or injuries. Do this project on your own risk.

Step 3: Take the Ceiling Light Apart

The first thing to do, is to make sure you disconnected the light from the mains. Test for absence of harmful voltages with a voltage tester. Disassemble the light to edit the inside.

In my case i had to remove 2 nuts for the big glas shield, 2 nuts for the glas plate and 3 srews for the reflector. Then i disconnected the power cords from the R7S socket and removed the reflector. Now i disassembled the R7S socket from the reflector.

Now you should be prepared to jump to next step.

Step 4: How Many Bulbs Do You Want to Connect?

I decided to use 5x5watt bulbs in my modification. So i went to this site which helps to set the correct positions of the bulbs. Set the number of sides and your circumradius and press execute. Now mark a point at the outside of your reflector. Set the caliper gauge to your side length "a" and begin to Mark the edges. It should fit exactly if your values are correct. Take care not to set the edges in the R7S gap, otherwise you can´t mount the new sockets. Now i temporarily hold the the socket with the bulbs in the places to see if there was enough room.

Now mark the "socketholders" like shown in the pictures. Take a look at the cables coming out of the sockets. Mark the two spots in the refelctor where the cables will go through and drill two holes in there. Now place the socket in upper area of the socket holder and mark the 2 holes of the Socket. Don´t drill a hole here, just srew the wood screw in the metal. Now you cut the reflector as shown. You have to cut away that 5mm strip to have a better fitting later. Sand down the sharp edges a bit. Now push all the cables through the holes and mount the sockets. Use your strong side cutter to cut the protruding screw ends.

Now be careful when you mix the epoxy. Pay attention to the safety notes of the product. You have 5minutes to glue the parts you need, until the glue gets hard. Bend the cables to the shown directions and glue them down with epoxy. Also glue the sockets to the reflector for additional strength. The sockets must not move around, or it wil be hard to change the bulbs.

Step 5: The Wiring

Strip all the ends of the brown and blue wires. All blue wires have to be connected together and the brown wires have to be connected together. The length of the wires was a bit short, so i extended the 4 wires on the left by crimping another wires to them and connected them with a terminal connector to the rest. Now you can attach the 2 wires from the ceiling light to the terminal connector and test the light.

Step 6: Assemble the Ceiling Light

Now it is time to assemble all the parts together. It you reconnected mains to test the new bulb, then please make sure you disconnect mains again.
Insert the reflector in the ceiling light. Pay attention to the wires so they don't get crimped when you assemble the reflector. Mount the reflector with the original screws back in the ceiling light and cover it with the glas plate. Secure the plate with the original nuts. Assemble the big glas shield with the 2 nuts. Now recconect the mains and enjoy your new energy saving ceiling light.

Plesse tell me if you have any questions or improvement suggestions

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