How to Cook Breakfast in Bread (Egg Bread Bowl)





Introduction: How to Cook Breakfast in Bread (Egg Bread Bowl)

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Who loves Breakfast in Bread? That’s not a mistake ;) This is the perfect weekend breakfast to share!

This loaded bread roll is packed full of delicious ingredients, is simple to make and will be a hit with your significant other!

Step 1: Setup Your BBQ

This recipe can also be cooked in the oven.

Step 2: Cook Some Sausages, Place Them Opposite the Charcoal.

Cover with the lid and cook for 15 minutes or until cooked.

Step 3: Place a Cast Iron Pan Over the Charcoal.

Next, fry off some bacon.

Step 4: For the Bread, You Will Need a Cob Loaf. Cut Off the Top of the Loaf.

Remove most of the middle, make sure to keep the soft bread because it makes great bread crumbs.

Step 5: Now to Make Our Breakfast in Bread.

Start by spread some melted butter on the inside of the loaf.

Add a layer of cheddar cheese.

Then add two sausages, places them around the edge of the loaf. Don’t worry if they break, it’ll just add more flavour to the dish.

Push down three slices of hot salami into the middle.

Step 6: For a Little Touch of Something Healthy Add Baby Spinach.

Add a slice of tomato.

Then a layer of the bacon with cook earlier. Make sure to leave a little bit of a gap in the centre for the egg.

Next another layer of cheese.

Step 7: Finally Crack One Egg Into the Centre of the Loaf.

The egg will melt into the other ingredients as it cooks.

Top with a little bit more cheese.

Then season with salt and pepper.

Step 8: Place the Loaf Opposite the Charcoal and Cover With the Lid.

Cook until it’s warmed through and the eggwhites are cooked.

This is looking amazing but it’s whats inside that counts.

Step 9:

Slice it in half revealing the layers.

You can replace the ingredients with whatever you like, let me know in the comments what you would put in yours.



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34 Discussions

If you made it in an oven, what temperature would you recommend and for how long?

2 replies

I cooked it in a fan oven at 200 deg C. It took longer than I planned for the egg to cook. It took about 20 mins and even then the eggs were still a little under-done. I wonder if I could have finished it off under a grill?

I was contemplating the best option to make one large enough for say eight guys. Do I make two or three as per John's recipe or make one large round one and cut into wedges?

Mine would have thinly sliced ham instead of the salami, and thinly sliced onion and bell pepper added as well. Looks yummy!

Thank god there is some spinach - I was worried for a second this might make me fat

Looks delicious!

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it looks so yummy. incredible breakfast. thank your for sharing this post, i will must try this.

1 reply

hey deluges, you forgot about the tomato, or was that just for show?

1 reply

This is what breakfast is all about, two of these and a glass of stout.

1 reply

For a healthier meal (ha!), leave off the salt. There's plenty of sodium in the sausage and bacon!

1 reply

I would be interested in a vegetarian version. Vegetarian, not vegan.

1 reply

This is a crime against umanity - Gee !

Love it !