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These fries have a crispy outside and a soft cheesy inside.

They’re perfect for parties or a great snack.

Step 1: In a Bowl Add Half a Cup of Flour.

Followed by one tablespoon of sweet paprika.

1 tablespoon of Oregano.

Mix together.

Step 2: Next, You’ll Need Two Block of Halloumi.

Slice them into strips to create fries.

Now roll the halloumi in the flour.

Step 3: Heat the Oil to 350f or 176c.

Lower the halloumi gently into the oil.

Fry for 4 to 5 minutes until golden brown.

This will be enough time for the outside to become crispy and the centre to become soft.

Drain from the oil.

Step 4: There You Have It! Halloumi Fries!

This make for a great finger food for parties or an awesome salty snack.



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