How to Cook Maple Salmon




Introduction: How to Cook Maple Salmon

Looking for a quick and easy salmon recipe? Or a salmon recipe that is prepared differently than your usual go-to? This recipe is for you. It is the perfect mixture of salty and sweet that pairs well with vegetables and salad. It only takes about 30 minutes to prepare and bake, and only requires basic cooking skills and knowledge to cook well. It also tastes delicious once completed. This Instructable will explain every step of the cooking process so new cooks can wow family members and guests with a fantastic recipe.

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Step 1: Materials


- 1 pound salmon

- 1/4 cup maple syrup

- 2 tablespoons soy sauce

- 1 clove minced garlic

- 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

- 1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper

- 1/8 teaspoon herbs de provence

Cooking Materials & Utensils:

- Aluminum Foil

- Baking Sheet

- Cutting Board

- Knife

- Fork

- Small bowl

- Measuring cups

Step 2: Preheat Oven

- Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C).

Warning: Do not put the salmon in the oven until it has been completely preheated. Normally it will beep or a light will turn off once it is preheated. If it is not fully preheated, the salmon may not cook fully and could be unsafe to eat.

Step 3: Cut Salmon

- Remove the skin from the salmon using a knife. To do this, cut right at the point where the skin meets the meat.

- Cut the salmon into three separate sections with a knife.

Warning: Be sure to carefully cut the salmon with the knife. Because the salmon is slippery, it is possible that the knife could slip and you could cut yourself.

Step 4: Season the Salmon

- Measure the spices according to the amount listed in step one.

- Season the salmon with the ground black pepper, garlic powder, and herbs de provence on both sides.

- Sprinkle the seasoning from the measuring utensil onto the salmon as evenly as possible

Tip: Based on your own taste preferences, you can slightly alter these measurements if needed. For a sweeter salmon fillet, use more maple syrup. For a saltier salmon fillet, use more soy sauce.

Step 5: Marinate Salmon

- Combine the soy sauce, maple syrup, and minced garlic in a small bowl.

- Whisk the marinade with a fork.

Tip: In order to avoid a mess, use a large enough bowl that the marinade does not spray outside of the bowl while whisking.

- Create three aluminum foil packets.

- Place each salmon fillet in the center of the packet and fold up the edges of the foil so a boat shape is formed around the salmon. Do not close the packet yet.

- Pour the marinade mixture evenly over each salmon fillet inside the packet.

Caution: Carefully pour the marinade so it does not flow outside of the packet. If this occurs while baking, it may burn onto the baking sheet or burn the person cooking it.

- Fold up the packets so the salmon is covered and place in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. This will marinate the salmon so they are more flavorful once cooked.

Step 6: Cook Salmon

- Place the salmon foil packets on a baking sheet.

- Place the baking sheet on the top rack of the oven.

- Cook for 15-20 minutes.

Warning: Cooking times will vary depending on the thickness of the fillet and the actual temperature of the oven. Be careful not to undercook the salmon, as it could have harmful bacteria that can cause illness.

- Check the salmon before removing from the oven. To do this, use a fork and try to flake the salmon. If it does not yet seem flakey or looks raw in the middle, cook for an additional few minutes.

- Remove from the oven and let sit to cool down.

Step 7: Eat

- Carefully remove the salmon from the foil packets.

- Serve.

When serving, this dish pairs particularly well with vegetables such as asparagus, brussels sprouts, or spring mix. It also goes well with a nice glass of wine, like Pinot Noir. Now that the cooking is complete, you can eat! Thanks for reading my recipe, I hope you enjoy it.

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