How to Cook Your Own Dried Beans!

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VIDEO: How to Cook Your own Beans from Scratch! No more Canned Beans!

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I'll be posting more recipes and how tos here all the time! And I already have hundreds of videos like these on my youtube channel BrainFood! I'd love it if you'd check it out! :)


    Ive tried cooking dry beans a lot. Whether presoaked or not, salt or no salt, it seems like you have to cook them several hours to get them anywhere near soft and they still dont get as spft as beans in a can. The secret for me is a pressure cooker. Presoak the beans, add as much salt as you want and in 30 minutes on high they are soft like cannned beans. Doesnt seem to make a difference to me when the salt is added though Ive read the same like youre saying that it makes the beans hard, I dont agree though. I .once let some pintos soak for about 4 days just not getting around to cooking them, they turned out really good in the pressue cooker.

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    excellent idea! I wish I had a pressure cooker at home. You're right beans are very unpredictable. I've had them done in an hour before and sometimes up to 8 hours. but usually I get around 2 hours so that's what I used for the video :)

    Well, power to you for figuring out the stove top way. I couldnt ever get rice right either. I went the rice cooker route on that one. For some reason the embedded video isnt showing up for me. Its just a black window. You might wat to add the youtube url in case other people get that too.