How to Cook a Crepe Using a Frying Pan

This is instruction on how to cook a crepe using a frying pan not a recipe for the crepe batter. If you do not have crepe batter here are some links to some pretty delicious crepe recipes.


Tools Suggested:

. ladle

. Frying pan

. Non metal spatula

. butter/non stick spray/vegetable oil

.Paper towels

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Step 1: Put Paper Towels in a Square Shape Under Batter Bowl in Order to Catch Drippings.

Step 2: Put Approximately Half a Tablespoon of Butter in Frying Pan or Spray Appropriate Amount of Nonstick Spray on Frying Pan.

Step 3: Heat Frying Pan at Medium Heat and Wait About One Minute for Butter to Fully Melt and Water to Sizzle If Splashed on Pan.

Step 4: Use Ladle to Scoop Batter From Bowl and Then With the Ladle Pour Batter in Frying Pan So That the Batter Forms a Tiny Circle in the Center of the Pan. Then Very Quickly Rotate the Pan So That the Circle Increases in Diameter and the Thickness Decreases.

Step 5: Once the Batter Has Been Spread Out Wait Until It Seems As If It Has Solidified Usually 20 to 30 Sec. Once Solidified Use Spatula to Very Quickly Flip the Crepe.

Step 6: Once Flipped Wait a Additional 10 to 20 Sec and Use Spatula to Put on Plate.

Step 7: Repeat Steps 1-6 Until Amount of Crepes Is Satisfactory.

Step 8: Once Finished Discard Dirty Paper Towels and Refridrate Remaining Batter.

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