How to Cook an Aussie Beef Pie




Introduction: How to Cook an Aussie Beef Pie

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Here in Australia, a pie is something you can hold in your hands and eat.

Pies are a considered the national dish of Australia and I totally agree!

Step 1: To Start Dice One Onion.

Then you’ll need some steak, you can use mince but I like my pies to be chunky beef.

Dice half a kilo or 1 pound of steak, I’ve gone with some scotch fillet.

Step 2: Next Light a Chimney of Charcoal.

Place a cast iron pot over the charcoal.

Once hot add a little oil, brown off the steak in batches.

Season with some salt and pepper.

Step 3: Once All the Steak Is Browned and Removed From the Pot Add the Onion.

Cook until it begins to soften.

Add the steak back to the pot before seasoning with salt and pepper.

Next, add a table spoon of dried thyme.

Followed by 1 table spoon of dried rosemary.

Mix through the steak and onions.

Step 4: Then Add 2 Table Spoons of Worcestershire Sauce.

Followed by half a cup of tomato paste.

To help thicken the gravy add 1 table spoon of corn flour.

Stir through before adding 1 cup of water.

Step 5: Simmer the Gravy Mix for 15 to 20 Minutes or Until It Thickens and the Steak Is Tender.

Take it off the heat and let it fully cool.

Step 6:

Next you’ll need some shortcrust pastry, I’m using this great gluten free brand.

Roll is out before cutting a rough shape a little larger then your pie tins.

Lay the pastry in the pan and push it into bottom, make sure to get get out any air trapped at the bottom.

Cut around the edge of the tin to clean it up.

Step 7: We Are Going to Blind Bake the Bottoms First.

Using a sheet of foil folded in half add half a cup of uncooked rice.

Make into a ball the size of the pan and place in the centre.

Step 8: Place the Tins on the Bbq That Is Sitting at About 390f or 200c for 15 Minutes.

You many have to top up the charcoal.

The pastry should be able half cooked and it time to finish off these pies.

Remove the rice balls and fill each tin with the gravy mix.

Make sure not to over fill them.

Step 9: ​Then You’ll Need Some Puff Pastry.

Roll it out and cut circles just larger then the tins.

Brush a little egg wash around the edges to help the pie hold together.

Place the circle of puff pastry on top.

Step 10: ​Using a Fork Press the Top and Bottom Together.

Cut the extra pastry off the edges of the tin.

Give the top a good coating of the eggs wash.

Cut a “V” shape into the top of the pie some it can breathe.

Step 11: Place Back on the BBQ, Cook for 15 to 20 Minutes at 390f or 200c.

They’re when the top of the pie is golden brown.

Take them off the BBQ and make sure to let the cool for 10 minutes otherwise you’ll burn your mouth like Will Smith.

Step 12: There You Have It! the Humble Aussie Beef Pie.

These are delicious and the best part is you can eat them on the go.

Make sure to top it with tomato sauce, that’s what we call ketchup.

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    2 years ago

    Sure looks and sound good. If you could send me a couple to try, I can then offer a better assesment of how they taste as well... :-)