How to Cook a Traditional Chinese Dish- Kung Pao Chicken




Kung Pao Chicken is a very popular dish in China, many people enjoy it, especially children and girls. Because of kung Pao chicken’s flavor type belongs to lychee and spicy. Each Chinese dish can be divided into one kind of flavor type, or various combinations of flavor type. For example, spicy flavor, sweet and sour taste, sour taste, and so on. Lychee describe the taste like lychee that is a kind of fruit, the right amount of sugar and vinegar with soy sauce, bring up similar lychee flavor, hence people give it the name lychee. In addition, they added spicy flavor which is a combination of dried chili and pepper.

Step 1: Ingredient

To make this dish you will need the following:

  • Chicken ( The best choice is chicken thigh. Chicken breast is also ok, but chicken thigh taste better)
  • A Green onion
  • 30 grams fried peanuts
  • 5 grams of ginger, 10 grams of garlic
  • 10 grams of dried chili, 2 grams of pepper
  • 4 grams of salt, 10 grams of sugar, 10 ml soy sauce, 5 ml cooking wine, 15 ml vinegar, 30 ml water and 20 grams starch

Step 2: Cut Ingredients

  • Cut chicken thigh along the bones, and cut
  • the chicken into 1.5 cm square.
  • Dice green onion.
  • Cut ginger and garlic into fingernail-sized flakes
  • Cut dried chili into 1.5cm pieces

Step 3: Marinate the Chicken

If you want chicken in the Kung Pao chicken to be tender, to be tasty, and good-looking color, you need to pickle the chicken.

  • Add 2 grams salt, 5ml cooking wine, 5ml dark soy sauce, 10 ml water and 10 grams starch into the chicken.
  • Mix it well and marinate for 5 minutes.

Salt and cooking wine can ensure the tasty of chicken, dark soy sauce can make the dish into a good-looking color, and starch can keep tender of chicken.

Step 4: Mix Sauce

Kung Pao Chicken is different from other Chinese dishes, it need to mix all seasonings before fry chicken.

In a small bowl, add sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, salt, water and starch.

Sugar and vinegar are most critical, the slightly sweet and sour taste is the base of the lychee. Then add salt and soy source, and a small amount of water, be careful not too much, water can ensure the chicken wrapped with soup. The last step is to add starch which can enrich the sauce and wrap the chicken.

Step 5: Fry

Heat up the pan on a medium heat and add some oil. When the oil is heated, put the ginger, chill and pepper into it. We need to wait until pepper half red and half black, when we can smell the pungent taste, it's time to go to the next step. This step is critical, it decide the spicy flavor of the dish.

Tips: Pay attention to the changes color of chili. If the color is still red, the time is not enough, the spicy doesn't release completely. If the color is black, it's over cooked.

The next step is to add chicken, at this stage turn medium heat to high heat. To keep tender of chicken, just fry the chicken until it change color. Then add green opinion and sauce that had been made. Wait until the soup warp the chicken.

The last step is to add peanuts, and turn off heat immediately. Because fried peanuts for a long time, it will become soft, not very tasty.



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    Spaceman Spiff

    2 years ago

    Love Kung Pao Chicken, thanks for the share!


    2 years ago

    This is great, thanks for providing weights of ingredients instead of saying "a knob of ginger". How much chicken did you use?


    2 years ago

    this looks awesome i cant wait to try it