How to Cool Pets With Frozen Treats




Introduction: How to Cool Pets With Frozen Treats

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Chickens run hot! Just like dogs the chickens start to pant. As the temp gets into the 90s they start to hold out their wings. Honestly.. they are fine in the shade.

Kitchen Scraps... We regularly give them scraps from the kitchen and here's a way to make them even an even better treat!

For Dogs... the easiest way to get a dog excited for this is to add some meat juice. The chickens don't mind the juice either!

Step 1: Frozen Scraps

Here's how I make their treats for hot days:

  • Scraps - regularly scraps go straight to the chickens. A few pies were recently baked and the leftover strawberry tops, cherry pits and egg shells were ready for the ladies.
  • A Cup - a plastic cup is perfect.
  • Water - pretty simple

Step 2: Hanger Option

Does it matter if the ice gets a little dirty? Our chickens eat dirt very regularly and it's healthy for them. They use the fine sand grains to help their gizzards grind down food. That said, the less chicken poo they come in contact with the better.

The Hanger... I reused a simple yard flag from an invisible fence system. Always happy to score up wire!
A simple bend and it's ready for the freezer.

Step 3: Happy Backyard Chickens

Scratching. We love our backyard ladies. Watching them scratch the soil is similar to watching a fire. There is a certain rhythm to the ladies task that is very relaxing.

Treats. The regular scratch is very different from the euphoria they experience when treats are introduced. Very similar to little puppies... think this would be a good treat for dogs as well.

Here are a few more I've put together on raising backyard chickens

Thanks for reading! Follow for more of our ladies!

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    I would try putting just fruit in and using it as ice cubes for juices and cola etc


    5 weeks ago

    A french expression says "traités comme des coqs en pâte", which means treat with care. You're quite involved in your animals happiness, and that's right.

    1 reply

    Ha, thanks! That's a new idiom for me. If the literal translation didn't have so much inuendo it would be easier to move into english!

    Tutorial yang unik!
    Aku baru tahu.
    Anda benar-benar orang yang peduli pada binatang.
    Terimakasih sudah tutorialnya :)

    1 reply

    Thanks Asyamra!!

    We have a wonderful global community here at instructables! Enjoyed throwing your comment in google translate:

    "Unique tutorial!
    I just knew that.
    You are really a person who cares about animals.
    Thank you for the tutorial :)

    They eat the shell scraps as though they are chips!! As we move into Japanese Beetle season I may have to start adding them to the mix --another favorite crunch!

    They're really pecking on it?.Nice!.A unique treat for your chickens..

    1 reply

    Yes, they love it! Just like scratching they enjoy looking for the treats :) Attached is a photo of them eating snowballs... something else they enjoy!