How to Cover Dark Undereye Circles




Introduction: How to Cover Dark Undereye Circles

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Dark undereye circles plague everyone from time to time (and sometimes, all the time). Maybe you haven't been getting enough sleep or drinking enough water. Many olive- and dark-skinned ethnicities have dark undereye areas genetically, no matter how much sleep or water they're getting! Luckily, undereye circles are a SUPER easy fix. Details in the next step!

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Step 1: Cover Your Dark Undereye Circles!

Covering your dark undereye circles is really only one-step: color-correct! Just like applying green concealer over a red blemish to make it disappear, we'll be using the OPPOSITE color of your dark undereye circles to make them disappear.

Simply apply a salmon or orange-toned concealer to your undereye area before applying your foundation. Voila! Most dark or black tones in the skin read as blue or have blue undertones, and orange is the color directly opposite blue on the color wheel and can therefore be used to neutralize your undereye circles. If your undereye circles look more purple (a trait of very fair skintones), you will need something that's more lemon-yellow.

If your undereye area is super dry, first apply a hydrating eye cream, then once that has absorbed into the skin, apply an eyeshadow primer (like Urban Decay Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance) to the area before applying your concealer.

Lighter skintones will need a softer apricot or peachy concealer, while darker skintones will need to go right for a vibrant orange concealer. Nearly every brand at every price point carries a concealer in the color you need, from Benefit (check out Erase Paste), to NYX (found in beauty supply stores, Targets, and drug stores across the world), to MAC, to Bobbi Brown... the list is endless! My favorite is the Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer. The one I carry in my kit has three orangey concealer colors, tailored to light, medium, and dark skintones so that I can cover dark circles on anyone no matter what their skintone. She also carries a version that actually treats the causes of dark circles, and an excellent dual concealer compact that has the salmon-colored concealer and a flesh-colored concealer to brighten and to cover other areas on the face that may need concealing.

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